Winter Photos at Kenova, WV

Since we are coming up to the winter of 2010 as I post this, I wanted to share a few photos taken around 1968 at Kenova, WV. At Kenova the former Scioto Division of the Norfolk and Western crossed above the mainline of the Chesapeake and Ohio. This was a great place to photograph both roads.

At that time Kenova was a stop for the N&W’s Powhatan Arrow and The Pocahontas passenger trains. Because of that a wooden platform at bridge level existed on both sides of the approach structure to the Ohio River bridge. The station was located on the geographic west side of the bridge. The platform also extended across the C&O main line to provide access for the operators working at KX Tower. That part of the walkway made it nice to photograph trains on the C&O. I will upload my only two C&O pictures taken here on another post. If you look at Bird’s Eye view, trees are located where the depot once stood.

GP-18 #842 light move has just crossed the
Ohio River Bridge and is heading to the yard.

N&W Eastbound Freight headed by SD-45
#1758. The upper part of the Kenova Station
is visible along with the walkways. The hills
of southern Ohio loom in the background.

N&W  Westbound Time Freight crossing
bridge over Maple St & State Route 75 on its
way across the C&O and the Ohio River Bridge.

  1. well you just inspired me too start my own blog and i had to say a thank you to you for that.thank you once again!

  2. I discovered your blog site on google and checked out a few of your earlier posts. Continue to keep up the work. I just added your RSS feed to my MSN News Reader. looking forward to reading more from you later on!

  3. Just what I’ve been looking for! I go railfanning over in the area quite often, but being a young’n (only 18) I wasn’t alive when the railroads were in full swing. Do you have more pictures of the area in and around Kenova? Also, where exactly did the old B&O line run? Did it run on the same roadbed as the C&O tracks? That always had me a bit confused. Thanks!

    • If you are familiar with Huntington the B&O line came in from Guyandotte across its own bridge (it is still in place but no track on bridge) over the Guyandotte River. From there it ran along the north side of the C&O shops area and through the old Standard Ultimarine plant. The line then turned north toward the Ohio River crossing 5th and 3rd avenues as well the C&O belt line at grade between 22nd and 24th streets. The B&O then turned west following close to the Ohio River and the floodwall. When it got to 11th St it ran down the middle of 2nd Ave. Then at 1st St the B&O turned south across where 4th Ave and Washington Ave meet and then across Adams Ave before swinging west between Adams and Jefferson Ave along W 5th Ave. After crossing 4 Pole Creek it ran parallel to Waverly Road to the western city limits of Huntington. From there the B&O continued on its own roadbed until the eastern edge of Ceredo and Kenova where it did parallel the C&O and N&W’s Kenova Belt Line. The B&O’s main track ended at N&W’s bridge over the Ohio River. You might try to find some old maps especially city maps that has railroads labeled to better see how the B&O ran through Huntington.

      Yes I do plan to post more pictures at Kenova at a later date.

      Thanks for your interest on my website.

  4. The link for the rss feed is . I’ve tested it with google reader, and it works. Also firefox renders it right.

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